• No player is above the team, and no team is above the organization.
  • Work ethic must be a constant 100% at all times.
  • Always strive to be the best athlete, student, and individual you can possibly be.
  • Our organization is considered a family, so treat it that way. Be loyal to the Arizona Hype.
  • Respect and Trust all teammates and coaches. 
  • Have fun in this process of individual growth and athletic development.

​​​Our Focus

Our Mission

We pride ourselves in being an organization of high integrity and high character. Being a part of the Arizona Hype is a privilege and every athlete and coach will be held to certain standards.

Our focus is to help every individual athlete reach their highest potential. We pride ourselves in establishing an atmosphere that will provide confidence and knowledge for each athlete to develop their skills. We understand the value behind developing each athlete and each team to be their best so we strive to provide the most efficient way in doing so.

Arizona Hype Athletics is a non-profit organization dedicated to influencing young athletes by providing an opportunity to play in a competitive atmosphere. By helping each individual understand the importance of team work and responsibility, it will enhance their skills in their sport, and most importantly in their lives. The opportunity to be a part of the Arizona Hype will not only help teach young athletes to grow as a player, but as a person as well. We understand the importance of being a positive influence to young athletes, so we strive for excellence in guiding them to be the best player and person they can be.

​​​Our Standards 

Arizona Hype Athletics