Logan Somers-Coach/Trainer.

I have played basketball since an early age competing at many competitive levels. I played high school basketball at Edward H. White high school in Jacksonville, Florida where I started all four years on varsity. I then went on to play collegiate basketball where I started off my career at Brewton-Parker College. After one year there, I transferred to Edward Waters college where I went on to play three years and graduate with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I started my AAU career with the AZ Hype in fourth grade and its' teaching progressed me into the player I am today. As a player and a coach, I believe in hard, competitive, fundamental basketball. Through basketball, many life lessons can be taught and learned and I aim to use basketball as my medium to the youth. 

  1. Basketball has always been my biggest passion, but as we all know not every one has the athletic ability and god given talent to continue on to play basketball at the highest levels. Therefore, I decided to influence the game of basketball in a different way. As a 10 year old  I started playing for the AZ Hype. My coach  was without a doubt the best coach I have ever come across. Not only was he a perfectionist and a teacher of the game, he was also a man with high character. He helped me develop into the best player I could be, and he also taught me to create good habits that will make me successful in my long term goals in life. I wanted to pass on everything that my coach had passed on to me. That is why I decided to re establish the Arizona Hype as an educator of the game of basketball and the game of life.

Daniel Morales- Coach/Trainer

David Morales- President/Coach

I have always believed that you should approach this game the way you approach life. I have learned so many things from this game that I use in my every day life. If you practice good habits, make smart decisions, and learn to be unselfish when working on a team, the rate of success for the important things in life will go up.

Growing up, basketball was all I knew. It taught me  a lot about life and about who I am as a person. I am hoping I can teach young athletes the game of basketball and teach them the life lessons they need to be successful in the marathon of life. I believe in teaching the game of basketball the right way, paying attention to the little details, and teaching it with a lot of energy and passion.


Darion Green- Coach/Trainer